Telcos should focus on Customer Experience Management for Churn Control

Rapid growth of the Telecom subscribers resulted a huge load on the existing infrastructures of Indian Telecom Operators.Due to the call drops, network congestions,coverage and quality of service, these are key challenges faced by the subscribers.

Although all the operators started working to address these challenges, still the churn rate is increasing day by day. Now due the Mobile number portability, subscribers churn rate has been increased significantly.

Due to the presence of various telecom service providers in the market, this market became customer centric. For the longer association of the subscriber, Telco should not only improve their QoS by enhancing their infrastructures and coverage but also they should focus more on Managing Customer Experiences.

Customer Experience Management in telecom :


  • Inefficient Customer feedback process due to lack of a technical and automated solution
  • Customer feedback are mostly not reported or presented in a real time basis which makes the ‘closed loop’ process ineffective
  • Direct link of Customer Experience scores as a KPI on channel, individual and team’s performance goals, cannot be established

Challenges to be Monitored:

  • The ability to analyze (specific details) and report (qualitative & quantitative) Customer feedback is very limited
  • The approach used to drive Customer Experience is more of a reactive one rather than proactive
  • Real time view of what creates issues with Customer Experience
  • Identifying the source of dissatisfaction often takes time and so as resolution

Challenges to be Improved :

  • It is difficult to obtain visibility of end-to-end Customer Experience across all channels, products, Process and segments
  • A centralized process, data repositories and portal don’t exist
  • Obtain tangible and comparable results

Key Indicators

  • High Customer Churn
  • Low Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT) Score
  • High Cost to serve
  • Database & Reporting not up to the mark
  • High Customer Complaints
  • Poor Accountability
  • Contact Centre SLA breaches
  • Legacy Systems

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